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The initial focus of Paid Social Media Jobs was to ease access to marketing jobs in social media, by offering a centralized platform of online posted jobs. The specific jobs you would find are along the lines of posting comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; uploading pictures and videos; getting more likes and followers on fan pages; managing the social media presence of companies overall. Read more about Typical Paid Social Media Jobs.

After being on the market with great success, Paid Social Media Jobs has switched gears to focus on educating people how to become good social media managers. They revamped their services as Social Media Manager School. They still offer the job search platform, but now their focus is to train you on being good social media manager. Read more about Social Media Manager vs. Consultant.

Just like any other job, the social media manager has a job description. There are specific tasks to be performed, skills to be acquired, and even a proper etiquette. The social media campaigns are the face of a business, and the online conduct of their managers is of utmost importance. You may be able to learn all that is required on your own from various sources through trial and error, or enroll in a specialized service where you have all the information at your fingertips.